Desalting Naftshahr

Naft Shahr Desaltiing Project

Based on the bid made by central  oil fields  company in 2004 ;OEID won this  opportunity .
Naft  shahr  oil field is located 100km north west of llam  and 230km  south west of Kermanshah.This field  is a common field  between Iran and Iraq  and provides  a portion of Kermanshah's refinery  feed .This unit  lacks  safety equipment  and  measuring  systems ,the purpoe of  this  project  is to design  and construct  a new desalting unit with  a capacity  of 15000 BPD  and the  gathering and compression of produced associated gas.
This is an EPC project  and consists  of three phases :basic  engineering ,purchasing  of the goods  and  constructing  all installations and  lateral buildings .P rimary designing  and purchasing  of the unit  are  not within the project  responsibilities .C onstruction ,installation and operation  consists of: design   and operation of  hydrocarbon  discharge system  ,refining  of  the oil sewer water ;providing compressed air ,diesel fuel ,fuel gas ;potable water ,torch and combustible trench ,raw  water ,fire water ,wash water, production storage  tank and chemicals, injection  systems ,injection  of excess water  to wells, burn pits  and flare  systems ,construction of control  rooms and  MCC, guard rooms , evaporation  pond , fencing  and etc.